It is with great joy that we present the special dossier “Conectas Human Rights – 10 years”, in this 15th edition of SUR.

This commemorative dossier contains articles written by individuals involved in the founding of Conectas, to reminisce and take stock of the first decade. We saw in this initiative an opportunity to share lessons learned, and even if briefly, to examine some of our mistakes and successes. Thus, the articles have the tone of a personal statement and convey the institutional history from the experiences of each of the authors.

In making this assessment, it is certain that the support and partnerships with a wide range of persons and institutions were instrumental in this journey. None of the initiatives discussed in the articles would have been possible without the participants who come annually to the International Colloquium on Human Rights, the authors of the articles in SUR, the exchange students in the Fellowship Program for Lusophone Africa, and the staff of the Foreign Policy Project and Justice Program. Nothing would have been accomplished without the support of various donors who, since 2001, have believed in and supported the work of an organization with ambitious and innovative causes. To all, our most heartfelt gratitude.

By publishing this dossier, another certainty is re-affirmed: it was the strength and conviction of a seasoned group of activists and academics that brought Conectas into existence. By revisiting the assumptions that led to its creation, the vision of its founders – Malak Poppovic and Oscar Vilhena Vieira – is underscored and presently reflected in each of the organization’s projects. Their attitudes questioning the status quo and their ability to develop strategies for effective action are – and always will be – the DNA of the organization. To the two of them, we offer all our gratitude, affection and admiration.

As Conectas’s directors since April 2011, we feel deeply grateful and honored to continue building the dream that we share as much with those who are mentioned in the articles of this dossier as with our readers: a fairer world, with respect for human rights.

Happy reading!


* These individuals are, respectively, the Executive Director, Program Director and Associate Director of Conectas Human Rights.